Garden Resolutions for the New Year

January is the perfect time to start thinking about gardening.  Without facing any of the realties of gardening (weeds, weather, distractions, disappointments) I am free to dream up any garden I wish and explore ways to turn my dreams into reality.

This year, I have some gardening resolutions I want to carry out, based on the realities of last year’s garden and the hopes and dreams I hold for this year’s garden.  Here are some things I’m hoping to achieve:

  • Use my own compost.  (This will happen barring any unforeseen problems with our new compost bin.)
  • Preserve more food.  (It’s January and we are nearly out of all our preserved food from 2010.  I hope to do better.)
  • Find more uses for herbs.
  • Garden longer.  (I want to keep some things going into November in 2011.)
  • Document.  (This blog will serve as documentation… I’m not a numbers person, I don’t need to keep track of numbers.)

Beyond this, I want to remain thankful for my garden whether I’m up to my ears in peas or weeds.  Right now–in January–my garden is giving my mind a place to think about that is vastly different from the snowy abyss outside.  And I am thankful for that.  Come spring, the garden will be a place of wonder as the first tulips, garlic and chives poke through the ground.  I’ll be thankful then too, for the food and flowers but also for the reminder that God keeps his promises.

In summer, when I’m making entire meals from things I’ve picked out of the garden, I’ll be thankful again.  It’s hard to not feel grateful when biting into a garden fresh tomato sprinkled with bright basil and maybe a sprinkling of salt.  And in the fall, while I’m lining up jars of jam on my shelves and squeezing bags of veggies into the chest freezer, there will be reason again to give thanks.

Happy New Year, and may God make your garden grow well in 2011!

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