Glimpse of Winter

Enjoyed the very reasonable amount of snow that fell here yesterday.  While out with the kids I captured a few photos in our backyard.

Praise God for the delicate, beautiful features of winter.  The cold, gray months can be harsh and difficult, but nature has many reminders of God’s promises, particularly that spring will come again.  Just check out those tiny pinecones above!  Like little love notes from God.


4 responses to “Glimpse of Winter

  1. My dear niece Ang,
    Glorious writings that I am enjoying and finding very peaceful.
    The photos capture me every time ~ sending me to the “garden
    fantasy world” in my mind. The winter pic of the snow w/red
    berries is outstanding – I can’t stop looking
    at it. Keep writing – so awesome and inspiring that God
    has blessed you with this urge to spill out your feelings and
    thoughts to all of us who wish to see Him in the garden as
    you do.

    Much love from Aunt J

  2. Ang,

    Love the website. You have gift and for people like me this an awesome resource to have!

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