I really have no excuse for not knowing what to make for dinner. After all, this is my cookbook collection:

My cookbook and recipe storage shelf.

There must be a million or more dinner ideas right there on that shelf!

I simply love to page through a cookbook or magazine to check out recipes and read about food.  It’s a bit of an obsession.  I’ve come across others like me, people who read a cookbook like it’s a novel.  We can’t help it, we simply have a voracious appetite for recipes and food writing!

I can eat a bowl of processed macaroni and cheese while reading through a recipe for Moroccan Chicken Tagine with Olives and Lemon and it’s almost–almost–like I ate the chicken rather than the mac.  I can work through a recipe in my mind, tasting it along the way, imagining each element coming together and then visualize the final product.

I suppose this is like reading a book or watching a movie and feeling so swept into the world created by the author or director that you felt like you were there.

And then there are the clipped recipes from newspapers, magazines, websites, friends, family, etc. I’ve tried different methods for organizing and using them. It’s a work in progress which I’ll write more about another time since it warrants its own post.  Could I ever possibly use the 1,000’s of recipes I’ve collected?  Probably not.  But they provide me with ideas and inspiration.  Some of them I’ve had around for quite a while, they are like old friends.  I like to go back and visit them once in a while.  Often a recipe or idea that did not appeal to me before might hit me the right way another time and I end up cooking it.

This year, I’m making an extra effort to have my recipes ready for when the produce is picked in my garden.   There are so many new things I’d like to try, having my recipes ready lays the groundwork for successful and interesting meals.  No one can get bored when there are new tastes to try every day. 

Around here, you won’t hear us say “what are we going to do with ANOTHER zucchini?”; we have an arsenal of ideas for any garden veg that decides to go crazy. 

Bring it on, Garden of 2011–the cookbooks and I are waiting!


2 responses to “Cookbooks!

  1. Smiling over here at your cookbook collection 🙂 Mine is getting a bit out of control. I just bought two new (old) ones at the library book sale — one is a book on soups, and another is a book from the 1960s where the food writer picked a few recipes out from all her favorite cookbooks. So I’m sure it will lead me to more books I must at least peruse! It’s nice to know we are not alone in our cookbook mania.

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