My Mary Year

Remember Jesus’ friends Mary, Martha and Lazarus?  Siblings who welcomed Jesus to their home for a visit.  Martha was very busy indeed providing hospitality to Jesus, making sure all physical needs were being met–perhaps cleaning, preparing a meal, making beds–the usual things we hostesses do when a special guest arrives. 

Mary on the other hand dropped what she was doing and sat down at Jesus’ feet to hear what he had to say.  She set aside her housework and focused fully on the message being shared by her Lord and Savior.

2010 was my “Mary” year.  I “unplugged” myself from most commitments, I put down the phone, I shut down the email, I didn’t sign up for anything or even invite too many people over. It was a year to be like Mary. I  let go of many things in order to open myself up to God’s will for me at this time in my life.

During this time, one thing (other than my family) thrived beyond my expectations. My garden became my sanctuary, my work and my expression of what I wanted to do.

I didn’t plan it this way. But gardens have a way of becoming something more than a garden. And somewhere in those rows of radishes and towers of tomatoes I found what I loved, I found something I could share. I think I might have found God’s message to me–here is something for you to do!

That is why I’m blogging in this way.  I want to share my photos, write down my thoughts, outwardly express what has been stirring inwardly for a while.  By taking a year to listen to what God might say to me, I’ve discovered that faith and love for God can have many varied outlets.  I’ve been absorbing His grace, letting it seep in while pushing other so-called priorities aside and now I’ve found my outlet to be a patch of dirt in my backyard.

I’m so glad that God led me to make a conscious decision to listen in this new way.  I feel like I have an enhanced life in many ways.  Becoming like Mary was just the thing needed to get me from where I was to where He wanted me to be, and I don’t believe the journey is anywhere near over.  God has a way of planting seeds and then raising them up at just the right time.  Praise to Him who is the Gardener of all!


3 responses to “My Mary Year

  1. Thank You for this very inspiring entry, Dear Daughter.
    With Love,

  2. My faithful friend. You continue to tend my garden of hope, joy and peace.

  3. Absolutely beautiful garden!! Yes, I need to put all of my other “things” aside and put Jesus first and foremost! Thank you for reminding me!

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