Easter: New life for nature, new life for me.

One of the unexpected benefits of gardening has been the conversations it has opened up with my children.  As plants, insects, birds, butterflies and frogs have died in our garden I am able to share this experience with my kids.  “Everything dies.  Even people die.  But people can go to heaven because Jesus is our Savior!” 

It’s a simple way of telling them the good news, the MOST IMPORTANT news I could ever tell them.  They have a Savior Jesus who loves them, died for them, and will one day welcome them into heaven as one of His own. 

This past week, when a small child from our church died suddenly and unexpectedly, I was reminded of how very important it is to constantly be in conversations of this nature with our children.  They simply must know Jesus.  We do not know the day or the hour in which we will die.  We just know that we will.  Our children need to know their God and Savior just as we need that as well. 

Around here, we are pretty excited for Easter, this coming Sunday.  Because of Easter, because Jesus rose from the dead and conquered death once and for all, we can all have life.

When I look around my garden I see signs of new life in every crevice.  There are tiny insects, little buds on trees.  Birds have returned and are preparing to bring the next generation into the world, building nests in which to lay eggs and raise their young.  From dormant bulbs beneath the surface of the soil come beautiful flowers–tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses.  As these beauties shoot heavenward they are practically singing God’s praises:  “New life!  Beauty!  Praise God!”

Crocuses, part of Gods glorious creation.

We don’t need to look any further than the natural environment God created for us to see Him.  The earth is shouting out the good news for us!  A God who would create such a wonder would surely care enough to see things through.  And has he!  Yes, we have sin and death now, but what we really have is a Savior from these things… God’s own son.  He’s already carried out the plan to take sin to the grave and leave it there, then rising again with New Life for all who believe in Him.  We rise with him!  Alleluia!

When I work the earth this week–planting and amending–I’m going to dwell on these thoughts.  And share them with my children.  It’s so very important.


5 responses to “Easter: New life for nature, new life for me.

  1. Are you planting and amending in the snow like me!!
    ahhhhh no!

  2. Oh yes my dearest Goddaughter ~ this reads like the perfect
    Easter sermon and I will dwell on all that you have written in
    this blog about our beautiful Savior. He has won everlasting life
    for us by His suffering and death. Now we can relax and enjoy
    all the reminders in the garden as we watch it come alive. Always
    a miracle!

  3. Ang, what a wonderful blog today, I really enjoyed it, we all need to be reminded at times why things are the way they are and what is the most important. You make me very proud to sign this, Dad

  4. Dear Angela Grace,
    What a beautiful writing that simply flowed from your heart.
    Thank you for sharing these words of faith for others to appreciate.
    You are so right…..God shows us in every season how precious life is, and even blesses us with eternal life through Jesus. We can have peace and joy every day. I love you. Mom

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