Photos from the first week of May.

Planted a strawberry pot, but oops! didn't buy enough strawberries and need to go back to buy a few for the top of the pot.


Why yes, I do love my garden.


The buds of this burning bush are visually interesting.


This clematis vine is sending shoots straight up. I can't wait to see these flowers in a few weeks.


A bug's eye view of the tulips.


The honeysuckle is growing at an astounding rate now that it's May. Soon it will welcome hummingbirds.


A new rosemary plant. My previous plant started to look very sick in recent weeks and I wasn't able to revive it. Sometimes it's best to start over.


2 responses to “Photos from the first week of May.

  1. Ang ~ gotta love May! Everything looks wonderful as it comes
    alive. Love the “bug’s eye view”….pretty cute perspective.

  2. …..the wonder of it all !
    Your Gracious Garden is undergoing a total transformation!
    We are all so thankful for this glorious month of May. It’s as though we can all “start over” ~ just like your rosemary plant.
    Sending lots of Love today – May 6, 2011

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