Robins Eating Lunch

Mr. & Mrs. Robin have been keeping their brood well fed.  They bring worms to the nest every 5-10 minutes and the babies gobble them up.  In this video you’ll see the babies enjoying a worm, then that parent flies away and immediately the other parent flies in with another worm.

The babies change so much from day to day.

I’m so impressed with the way that both the mother and the father robin work together.  They really are a team.


3 responses to “Robins Eating Lunch

  1. Angela – what a sweet video! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of something precious that most folks never get to see in person!

  2. …truly amazing!
    Mr. and Mrs. Robin are helping their baby birds every day………………… that one fine day they can fly away~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!

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