Photos from the last week of July.

Colorful peppers. These are the Chinese Five Color, but apparently we are only going to get purple ones. They are lovely though!

Beans hang from their vine, ready for pickin'.

A look at my monster cherry tomatoes through the trellis.

Rose of Sharon puts on a nice show.

My attempt at growing the Three Sisters--corn, beans, squash--has been semi-successful. Very few corn survived my planting conditions and children trampling on them.

The first eggplant begins to take shape.

I put the chair there to show the enormity of these cherry tomato plants. From left to right: Tommy Toe, Black Cherry, Sun Gold. These are in regular potting mix--no added plant food of any kind. I believe they like the heat that radiates off the house.

It's been perfect weather for basil, which means pesto is for dinner tonight!


2 responses to “Photos from the last week of July.

  1. It’s August 1st and the garden looks amazing! The harvest will be big!
    All the vegetables look wonderful, and my favorite photo is the Rose Of Sharon 🙂
    Sending Love and Best Wishes to you!

  2. The white Rose of Sharon is just beautiful!

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