Photos from the second week of August.

This tomato rainbow includes "Italian Heirloom", "Tommy Toe", "Black Cherry" and "Sun Gold".


A "Nadia" eggplant. Really love the purple and white striping on these.


This "Caraflax" cabbage has formed a nice tight head. It has required frequent spraying with the garden hose to keep pests away, but I'm pleased with the results.


My Three Sisters planting is doing great! The corn has soared past the roof of the garage and the beans have grown right up the corn stalk.


I choose "Delicata" squash to plant as part of the Three Sisters. Here is a blossom.


Look closely to see a small yellow and black bird among the sunflowers. It loves to snack on the sunflowers and is sometimes hard to spot because its coloring creates a nice camouflage.


Monarch butterflies like this one--as well as other butterfly varieties--have been visiting the butterfly flowers and snapdragons in this pot.


3 responses to “Photos from the second week of August.

  1. Mmm the tomatoes look wonderful Ang ~ you’re going to really enjoy
    those long awaited beauties. How sweet, the adoreable yellow & black
    bird sitting in the sunflower plant/caught that shot just at the right
    moment…the little birdie didn’t have a clue he was spotted.

  2. The kids love going outside and picking tomatoes to snack on while they play. I’m very happy that I was able to use some large pots my mom wasn’t using anymore to put those three extra tomato plants on my deck… they’ve been such a treat.

  3. What a glorious and very gracious garden!
    It’s a feast for the eyes, and also a feast for your family!
    Sending Love and Best Wishes xo 🙂

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