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Hello October

One look at the farmer’s market this past week and you know that harvest time is upon us.  Besides the crowds of people who have suddenly descended upon the market (where are these people in June?), there are truckloads and tables full of the colorful produce of fall.  Here are some things I picked up this week at the farmer’s market:

Farmer’s market fare.

My own garden continues to provide us with fresh food.  Lettuce is back thanks to cooler temperatures.  Herbs continue to grow.  Leeks, potatoes, fennel, radicchio, swiss chard, kale and tomatoes have been gracing our table recently.

My kids have been out picking each raspberry as it ripens.  Every day they charge out the door shouting about who is going to eat the raspberries.  It will be nice next year when the plant is bigger and there will be more berries!

I’ve taken some photos during the last several weeks.  Here they are.

Here is some of the radicchio I grew this year. This was grilled and served with an anchovy dressing. Those little oily fishes are good for you!

Washing leeks. These leeks were used in homemade ravioli with a swiss chard and leek filling.

Spotted from our garden: a bright and beautiful remind of God’s love for us! This rainbow was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Look carefully and you’ll see the double rainbow above it.

My mother-in-law made basil jelly, which didn’t quite set right and was more like basil syrup. Turns out basil syrup makes a fantastic mojito!

I’m trying a new source for garlic this year. Seems more and more people are growing garlic lately–the first two sources I tried were sold out. Green Mountain had a nice variety.

Here is the garlic I will be planting in two weeks.

Yes, this is the little lemon tree that could! We were ready to send this thing to the compost earlier this year when it once again dropped all it’s leaves and blossoms and looked generally unhealthy. Instead we parked it on this spot and ignored it all summer. Lo and behold it prefers neglect. Healthier than ever. Now if we could only get it to grow a lemon…

Big bowl of kale chips. Our kale continues to be very productive. Thank goodness, because my kids (and husband) love these crunchy, salty kale chips. We’ve also used kale recently in soup and pizza.