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What a Gardener Gives at Christmas

Strawberry-Rhubarb jam makes a nice Christmas gift.

By this time of year my garden is pretty much packed up for the winter.  I do have some parsley out there that I have continued to use in my cooking, but that’s about it as far as edibles go.

But it’s a good thing I’m not too busy out in the garden because now is the time when a gardener puts all those goodies that have been dried, stored, and preserved to good use by blessing others with gifts from the garden.

Lavender has been tied into bundles and dried.  They make nice fire starters and sitting by the fireplace they have a pleasant smell somewhat like pine.  Tied up with a beautiful bow, they make a very nice gift for anyone with a wood-burning fireplace.

A few weeks ago as I cut my sage down I remembered the wreaths I’d seen Martha Stewart make out of sage.  What a nice hostess gift at Thanksgiving, or if you can keep it in the garden longer than those of us in Wisconsin, it’d make a very fragrant and welcome Christmas hostess gift as well.  I think I’ll remember this for next year and plan to have wreath-making supplies ready when it’s time to cut the sage.

Months ago, when strawberries, blueberries and rhubarb were in season, I spent a day making jam.  Now I’ll be pulling jars out and wrapping them up as gifts for pastors and teachers.

One year, I used a bumper crop of basil to make basil jelly.  That was a unique item!

My rosemary plant has been brought into the house.  It’s still lush and fragrant.  I’ll be using fresh rosemary to make rosemary cheese wafers.  Homemade treats make a nice gift, and at a time when sweets abound I find that many people appreciate a savory snack.  Paired with bottle of local wine, I can imagine many who would be happy to receive this gift.  I know I would!

There are so many great ideas on the internet and in gardening books.  I really enjoy researching these ideas during the growing season as I make plans for the holidays.  As I garden, it’s helpful to think of others and the act of giving to them that I am planning.  It’s just another reason to garden and another reason that gardening is so satisfying.

I’d love to hear what other gardeners are giving this year.  Please leave comments if you are using what you’ve grown to bless others this year.