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Photos from the second week of July.

The tiny flowers of the allysum are perfect in my pots.

Beans in the making.

This sunflower has two heads!

Fennel is ready to be harvested. Young fennel is more tender than the larger bulbs later in the season.

Lovely little chamomile flowers.

Within the last few days the dill has produced flower heads.

This purple clematis is tucked in between our fence and house, about 3 feet between the two. The flowers can be viewed from my daughter's nursery window and are putting on quite the show!

This has been the best year so far for my hydrangea, so many blooms!

Photos from the third week of April.

Mint is spotted next to the house.


Rows of tulips soaking in some sun.


These crocuses were a happy sight.


A hydrangea bud.


It began to rain as evening set in.

A few days later we awoke to this.

The rows of tulips were now covered with a blanket of snow.


The chives recieved a dusting of snow as well.