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Photos from the last week of August.

My daughter reaches for a tomato, later I turned this bowl of garden goodies into dinner.

Three giant fennel are the last to be harvested. I kept them in extra long because they attract butterflies and beneficial insects.

I pulled the beets. They weren't the largest beets, but they were packed with flavor.

Look, a square tomato!

The 'Green Zebra' tomatoes are ready to pick when they turn Packer green and gold.

Aha! All those purple peppers on the 'Chinese 5 Color' pepper plant are now turning different colors. So pretty!

Here is a peek at the corn.

A 'Delicata' squash. It doubles in size every day.

Photos from the last week of July.

Colorful peppers. These are the Chinese Five Color, but apparently we are only going to get purple ones. They are lovely though!

Beans hang from their vine, ready for pickin'.

A look at my monster cherry tomatoes through the trellis.

Rose of Sharon puts on a nice show.

My attempt at growing the Three Sisters--corn, beans, squash--has been semi-successful. Very few corn survived my planting conditions and children trampling on them.

The first eggplant begins to take shape.

I put the chair there to show the enormity of these cherry tomato plants. From left to right: Tommy Toe, Black Cherry, Sun Gold. These are in regular potting mix--no added plant food of any kind. I believe they like the heat that radiates off the house.

It's been perfect weather for basil, which means pesto is for dinner tonight!

Photos from the third week of June.

Lavender is beginning to flower. Soon it will be attracting beneficial insects to the garden.

My honeysuckle has been attacked by aphids.

Garlic scapes are the flower stem of garlic. I harvest them and use them for pesto and salads. They have a light garlicky flavor.

Beet greens with water beads after a rain.

Fennel fronds hold beads of water after a rain.

Nasturtium leaves also make a nice resting place for water beads.

This rosemary plant is getting bigger by the minute, I've already harvested from it too! I'm so happy I decided to replace the rosemary I overwintered in the house. This one is much healthier.

I use this veggie bed to rotate crops during the season. Currently it has lettuce, tomatoes, peas, corn (which gets eaten every night, I wonder if we'll get any of it), beans, squash and garlic. Seem like alot? The peas, lettuce and garlic will soon be pulled to make more room for the other plants.

A look at the final baby robin to leave the nest as he contemplates taking the leap.