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Photos from the first week of February.

First signs of spring, these are tulips.


Some brave chives emerging on a February morning. It's pretty early to see chives, but our weather has been several degrees above average for months, and now with the snow cover gone they are feeling heat from the sun.


This parsley is showing new growth. Normally we'd have snow cover, but this year is different. It's fun to see how the plants are responding.


The mint is starting to send up green shoots.


Indoors, the rosemary has been doing well and enjoying the extra sunshine we've had.


Photos from the second week of May.

Peas keep coming up. Looking forward to eating these fresh out of the garden.

60 gladioli for $4, not a bad deal! Love how these add color in otherwise drab spots of my yard.

Started the process of hardening off seedlings this week.

Baby spinach ready for harvesting. Enjoyed some on my Mother's Day panini.

Beet seedlings emerge. I love how they are red, just like the beets.

A purple hyacinth, so pretty especially close-up.

A lovely tulip bouquet from the garden.

Photos from the first week of May.

Planted a strawberry pot, but oops! didn't buy enough strawberries and need to go back to buy a few for the top of the pot.


Why yes, I do love my garden.


The buds of this burning bush are visually interesting.


This clematis vine is sending shoots straight up. I can't wait to see these flowers in a few weeks.


A bug's eye view of the tulips.


The honeysuckle is growing at an astounding rate now that it's May. Soon it will welcome hummingbirds.


A new rosemary plant. My previous plant started to look very sick in recent weeks and I wasn't able to revive it. Sometimes it's best to start over.

Photos from the fourth week of April

Yellow tulips finally opened today!


Here comes the rhubarb.


These chives were clipped last night for dinner... fresh oniony flavor.


Arugula is tiny, but growing.


A row of radishes.




Spinach starts are now outside and doing well... should be able to harvest baby spinach soon.


Oregano leaves are plentiful. This is now a three-year-old plant.


Here's something to enjoy tomorrow.

Photos from the third week of April.

Mint is spotted next to the house.


Rows of tulips soaking in some sun.


These crocuses were a happy sight.


A hydrangea bud.


It began to rain as evening set in.

A few days later we awoke to this.

The rows of tulips were now covered with a blanket of snow.


The chives recieved a dusting of snow as well.

A few weekend photos.

We had a wonderfully warm day here on Sunday.  While I didn’t have any major gardening projects to do, we were outside enjoying our backyard.  I snapped a few photos.

Tulips which first appeard in mid-Februrary are very slow to show flowers. Perhaps the warm up here over the weekend will move things along.


Garlic is looking good! Can't wait to eat it in a few months.


Potting soil, manure, pea gravel... all elements of maintaining our backyard garden.

Photos from the first week of April.

Finally made it out to the garden to do some digging and planting.


After turning this bed over and adding some amendments, my son and I planted peas around these supports. We arranged them into a little "house" so he can go in and pick peas.


I love that the emerging lavender buds ARE the color lavender. So pretty.


A sage leaf unravels.


Aha! Proof that the squirrels didn't take all the tulips I planted in my raised bed. I have plans to use these for bouquets, hoping more come up.


My daughter's clematis vine wakes up to spring.


Despite freezing temperatures, a hail storm and a lack of sun, the chives grow.


This Rose of Sharon won't be bare for long.

Photos from the third week of March.

Sidewalk chalk outside with the kids.


Tulips continue their ascent.

More tulips, a welcome sign of spring.


Rising temperatures made for a very pleasant week.


New life on old wood--this is the honeysuckle.

Meanwhile, indoors the lemon tree has set a few tiny buds.


More seed starts--tomatoes, eggplants, a few flowers, many peppers, fennel and cabbages. Filled another 72-cell tray... we will have plenty of plants this year.