In the beginning, I gardened like I do a lot of things–while thinking about everything else going on in life. Mental multi-tasking.  Not fully involved, but involved enough to get the job done.  Over time, I have become completely immersed in the garden.  It’s a place where I can focus and find peace and pleasure.

I simply want to share the joy that I find in my garden.  My garden gives me a place to be creative, to use my hands, to get dirty, to contemplate, to thank God, to provide food for my family, to observe beauty, to hear the music of nature, to accomplish something.

My garden provides me with endless opportunities to discuss the wonder of God’s creation with my children.  It’s been an unexpected benefit of having a garden.

I’ve called this blog Angela’s Gracious Garden because I’m writing about my personal experience in gardening.  You’ll soon find out that my focus is on edibles and good eating.  I love to learn about food and apply what I’ve learned in my kitchen.  It’s not all educational though, I cook from the heart and with the intention of giving my family the very best.  And I have a bit of a passion for food as well!

My name is Angela Faust.  I’m a mom, wife and garden enthusiast living in Southeastern Wisconsin.  I love the Lord and thank Him for the gifts of faith, family and the beauty of our natural world.

Thanks for reading!

This blog is dedicated to my dear husband who not only supports my creative endeavors, but literally built this garden where the lawn once grew.